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Dear brother or sister, welcome!

Yes, welcome each of you and to you,
maybe you're already tired / a
to live and fight,
to believe and to love;
to you at this time
you feel alone / a and insecure / a,
to you who are disappointed / a to how things are going,
to you who suffer for the falsehood of men,
to you who are without work,
to ask you that you are given love and sex,
to you who have tried only in the sense of enjoyment of life,
to you who have believed in vain to violence and drugs,
to you the fun and money is not enough anymore,
maybe you think you have done,
you do not believe in anything but stop trying,
you where there is no reason to live,
you have not yet decided what to do in life,
to you who have tried everything except Christ:
stop and think a little ',
because maybe you seek the good and beautiful things of life,
maybe you still looking for God
Yes, and perhaps, in addition to seeking God, you're also looking at yourself and the deeper meaning of your life: how to achieve real and satisfying in a way that the second project of love that God has for you, that is your vocation.
vocazioneThe vocation is that color that God has given to your soul, that special nuance, so beautiful as to be unique and unrepeatable-able. And only when you have discovered that color will be really happy. Because everything you do is dress in that color ... And the whole world will know the color of your soul and do what you will.
But how sad if you do not find out: not only will never be satisfied and happy, but everything you do will be a contradiction ...
So remember, God wants your happiness more than you want it, and He does everything for you to find out that color! Then ... let's listen!